23.03.2020 Great grief about a friend
tiefer Trauer teilen wir mit, dass unser lieber Freund und
Schiedsrichter, Stephan Menze, letzte Nacht nach langer Krankheit, im
Alter von 50 Jahren, den Kampf gegen den Krebs, verloren hat.
war seit 2005 Mitglied und treuer Freund sowie Unterstützer der REFEX
und hat an 16 Turnieren teilgenommen. Nicht nur in Nørhalne sondern auch
in den USA und Singapore, war Stephan dabei. Besonders in Nørhalne hat
Stephan die Arbeit der REFEX durch sein Wissen und seine Erfahrung
unterstützt und ist den Kollegen stets ein Vorbild gewesen.
Wir werden Stephan sehr vermissen und unsere Gedanken sind bei seinem Mann und seinen Kindern.

We are deeply saddened to announce that our dear friend and referee, Stephan Menze, lost the fight against cancer last night after a long illness at the age of 50.
Stephan has been a member and loyal friend and supporter of REFEX since 2005 and has participated in 16 tournaments. Stephan was there not only in Nørhalne but also in the USA and Singapore. In Nørhalne in particular, Stephan supported the work of REFEX with his knowledge and experience as well has always been a role model for his colleagues.
We will miss Stephan very much and our thoughts are with his husband and children.

16.03.2020 25th March Corona update

Dear friends,

we hope that all of you and your families are still well
and not too much affected by the Coronavirus. As you’ve applied or might think
about applying for a tournament this summer, we want to give you a quick
outlook on the summer tournaments.

We’re in close connection with the
tournaments to monitor the situation and will make reasonable decisions as soon
as we come closer to the tournament. You can expect an information whether the
tournament will take place or not at the following time:

Norhalne Cup: End of Eastern about 14th April

Bröndby Cup: Mid/End June  

Norway Cup: Mid/End June

CEE Cup: Mid of June

 There is no need to cancel your
participation ahead of the above-mentioned communication. We’ll accept
cancellations for a period of 7 days after you’ve received that mail without
any need to pay a fee. Please also bear in mind that REFEX can’t reimburse any
travel related costs, so please book flexible fares, etc.

If you're still
interested in applying for a tournament spots are still available for both
Norhalne and Norway Cup. The above-mentioned rule will be applied accordingly.
As we hope to see all of you in summer with good health, please stay safe.

 But we as REFEX clearly recommend to follow the local instructions
given. Stay at home and be safe. Support us all in not spreading the
virus. The fast we all recover, the more chance we have to get to
tournaments again. AND more important: SAFE LIFES!

Best Michael, Oliver, Carl and Patrick

11.03.2020 Upcoming Tournaments regarding Corona Virus
Dear all! 

We do understand the questions regarding the big international tournaments we work with in regard to the actual virus situation. 

Today Holland Cup decided to cancel 2020 tournament due to the virus!

Norhalne Cup has announced on 13.03.2020 that nothing has changed so far and plans are ongoing. Even with the higher restrictions named.

Don´t worry, we will inform as soon as we know something. 

Oliver Dick 
Managing Director

11.03.2020 Holland Cup
Good News, next to all the negative things we are having at the moment.

Holland Cup asked REFEX to start a cooperation. So for this year we are going to Holland Cup with six referees! Who likes to participate the big tournament near Amsterdam?

SIgn Up here

19.02.2020 SINGA CUP 2020 Corona INFO

According to the Corona Virus in China, as well as other Asien country's, the Singa Cup has announced that the application process trough Refex, can not start until further notice is given and the situation is cleared.  We will keep you informed on our website!

23.01.2020 Experience in Norway
Lets get ready for the famous Norway Cup, the biggest youth tournament in the world!

Apply for the Cup as part of REFEX here ...

23.12.2019 Christmas 2019
To all our refrees and partners at the tournaments

REFEX likes to whish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
Thanks for the good cooperation that we had this year.
We are looking forward to 2020 to see you again.

27.09.2019 USA Cup 2020 online
Friends, Follow us to the biggest tournament in the US.
1400 Teams, 55 fields, many spactators, great nature and a wonderful experience with us.
The Ultimate Referee Experience

02.08.2019 Reycup 2019
REFEX has served Reycup on iceland again. Our referees were happy to participate in such a nice tournament.
Find more pictures here: "pictures of Reycup".
The host was very satisfied with the performance of the REFEX-referees. They've been nominated for participating in the finals in the national stadium of iceland.
Congratulations to Jörg Irle for his 100th game and Michael Imhof for his 50th game in Reycup. Great job!

05.12.2018 Bröndby Cup 2019
Dear fellow referees! 

Our famous international soccer tournament, we fill with referees, BRÖNDBY CUP is online for your applications! 

We are looking for 15 referees for five days and 5 referees for three days.

Looking forward seeing you at the Cup in Copenhagen.


21.11.2018 USA Cup in Minneapolis
After a very good first year with REFEX at the USA Cup in July 2018 we have now the next edition for 2019 ready for your application.

USA Cup is a very big international tournament with international referees from all over the world. USA Cup is pleased to serve you again and provides a nice time with a great tournament for you as referee and getting more international experience. 

Applications are welcome here

09.11.2018 Great Adventure SINGA CUP!
We have been in Singapore with a group of referees nor for the fifth year.

Eleven referees had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time very much, now following some vacation in south east Asia. 
Thanks a lot for you engagement and bringing so much fun into the international group of referees as such a great international soccer tournament. 

18.10.2018 Norhalne Cup 2019 Referee
We are very proud of all our friends who like our work at the international soccer tournaments as referees so much. 
We can already announce that the Norhalne Cup 2019 has reached the maximum amount of referees we can accept. 
Thanks a lot to all of you, your trust in us and we are looking forward meeting all of you in May 2019.

10.10.2018 International CEE Cup in Prague ready for your application
The very high class U19 international tournament in Prague is ready for the application of referees! 

Are you an experienced referee, experienced assistant referee but want to strengthen your own profile, your skills and your quality while being at a high class international tournament as a referee.

Apply here for the CEE-Cup tournament in Prague.

26.09.2018 Norhalne Cup 2019 online
Our home tournament, Norhalne Cup, is ready for our application for the 2019 tournament.
Follow us here to apply for the tournament.
New for foreign referees is the possibility to travel with the tournament bus from Copenhagen and back, if you have flights to Copenhagen to make the travel easier. 

Referee International Tournament 

09.08.2018 US Tournaments 2019 Online
We are pleased to announce that our US tournaments in February (LasVegas and Phoenix) are online for your application.

Apply here

07.08.2018 Reycup 2018
Again a group of REFEX-referees has been on iceland to the "Rey Cup international football and fun festival".