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Mayors Cup 2022

Well organized international tournament in the gambler destination town Las Vegas. The tournament is co-hosted by the city of Las Vegas and Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club.


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Increase your referee competence and find new referee-friends with us on international soccer-tournaments!
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NørhalneCup 2022: applications are open!


We love to announce that we opened the applications for our 'Home' tournament.. Let's travel with us to the beautiful Denmark, create memories for life and make fantastic (international) friendships!

NORHALNE CUP 2022 (Aalborg area, Denmark)
° May 26-28, 2022

Presenting you the 3rd biggest tournament in Denmark with about 550 youth teams and more than 1900 games in elite classes and amateur classes. It's a good experience especially for younger referees who want to gain more experience and qualified feedback. The referees will officiate matches in a team or alone.

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REFEX strongly recommends that referees are fully vaccinated when participating in our international tournaments. 



This underlies our vision of being the strong link between referees and tournaments based on:




•RESPECT to our partners (including the tournament organisers, supporters and volunteers)


•RESPECT to the participants in the tournaments


•RESPECT to our friends, the other referees


•TRUST that participating in a REFEX tournament is as safe as possible



We consider that vaccination helps to ensure the ultimate referee experience for all, including meeting new and existing referee friends at our international tournaments.


Whether you have been vaccinated or not, please recognise that there are still significant risks of infection and you should only apply for one of our tournaments if you feel comfortable in participating.  


We also recommend that all referees take a self-test before attending one of our tournaments.  Please do not attend if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or have a positive test outcome.




Vaccination is, based on science and advised by the WHO, key to protect yourself and others against the virus, the disease and a strong course of illness.

Thx to all the female referees. #IWD21


Happy International Women's Day. Thanks to our female referees!

REFEX - the strong link between referees and tournaments!
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Have new experiences, meet new friends and improve your refereeing skills by learning from each other. We have tournaments/games on several levels so you don't have to be referee in the highest leagues to participate.



On our misson to support referees in improving and also to take care of quality we need qualified observers. On several tournaments we also offer spots for observers.



To give your tournament a more international touch, engage international referees. REFEX is your partner. We take care of the referes and we try to find the right referee group for your tournament.